Information for Students and Alumni


The 2020 Ohio (Virtual) Law Expo is Wednesday September 30

from 4:00-7:00pm via Handshake!


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Join us as we welcome 125 law schools from around the country along with AccessLex, Kaplan Test Prep, and Princeton Review to the 2020 Ohio Virtual Law Expo!

Admissions representatives from schools in every "tier" will be in attendance to talk about the education their school can offer students, discuss admissions criteria, and answer your questions.  The financial non-profit AccessLex will be present to talk about how to pay for law school, while Kaplan and Princeton Review will be in attendance to speak to you about prep courses, materials, tutoring options, and more.

This year's law fair is hosted by Ohio State in partnership with Miami University and University of Cincinnati.  This free event is open to all Ohio State students and alumni, regardless of major or year, or even whether you know yet if you want to apply to law school.  The only requirement is that you must have a Handshake account (see below for how to participate).

Are you prepared?

Attending a Law Fair requires more preparation than simply knowing when (4:00-7:00pm) and where (online via Handshake) the event is taking place.  There are steps you should take to be as prepared as possible so that you gain as much as possible from the experience.


REGISTER IN ADVANCE for the event on Handshake up to or even the day of the Law Expo (the sooner the better so you don't get closed out).

SIGN UP FOR LAW SCHOOL AND VENDOR SESSIONS.  Unlike in-person law fairs there are no lines to wait in!  However you MUST sign up in advance for time slots to speak with a law school or AccessLex/LSAT test prep representative.  There are two options:

  • One-on-one appointments (10 minute interactions)
  • Group sessions, a mix of presentation and Q&A (30 minutes)

Some law schools and vendors will still have openings the day of the Law Expo, others will be full.  Sign-ups close when a session begins or reaches capacity.  Be sure to sign up ASAP:

  • On the event page go to the "Available Sessions" tab or search for a specific law school.  After you sign-up for a session it will be added to the "Your Sessions" tab.
  • On Wednesday log in to Handshake, go to "Your Schedule" and select the Law Expo, then go to the "Your Sessions" tab and click on the "Join Video" link next to a session.
  • Once the session has started you will not be able to enter - be sure you are not running late!

UPDATE YOUR PROFILE AND SETTINGS.  Law schools and vendors will want to stay in touch with you, so please fill out your profile and make it public to make it easier for them.  Your profile must also be set to Community to join and participate in sessions.

DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR TECH.  You'll need a stable internet connection, speakers, a microphone, and a supported device.  Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers when using Handshake.

CONSIDER YOUR SURROUNDINGS.  Are there items that you don’t want on display during a video chat?  Is the lighting decent so you can be seen?  Can you trust your roommates or family members to not interrupt?

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION and to make the most of the Virtual Law Expo, please go to the following resources to learn more about the platform and how to navigate a virtual fair:


Not sure how to talk with law schools or vendors at a law fair?  Depending on your year and how far out you are from applying, here are some quick tips...

FIRST YEARS AND SOPHOMORES - focus on group sessions.  Be sure to listen to others' questions and the answers.  If you ask a question, identify your year so the rep knows you're not close to applying.  Remember they are not there to guide you through the process (that's what your pre-law advisor is for) but to talk specifically about their school.

JUNIORS - start identifying which schools interest you. Questions should be about the school and their opportunities, though asking a rep for their insights and advice as you approach your application year is fine.  Law reps will encourage all students to be the best candidate possible.

SENIORS/ALUMNI - schedule 1:1 sessions with schools you are applying to and let the rep know if you are (or soon will be) a current applicant.  All law schools track all connections with students as a way to gauge a student's interest.  Ask questions to help you make your decision should you be accepted and take the opportunity to talk about your background and experiences if they give you a window.

FOR ALL STUDENTS, do some preliminary research on the schools you plan to meet.  1:1 sessions are where you get to ask questions specific to you, while group sessions are for up to 50 people at one time.  You have every right to be there and to ask a question, but don't monopolize the group.  If time runs out, be sure to follow up with the law rep after the event.


Most law school reps take notes on everyone they meet (even remotely) so consider the image you're presenting.  A career in law is one of representation - how you present yourself reflects not only on you but on your client and your employer (or in this case your classmates and your school).

FIRST YEARS AND SOPHOMORES - business casual aka "informal professional".  A polo or dress shirt or blouse are common, along with dress pants, khakis, or a skirt.  Jeans are fine, stay away from t-shirts and shorts. 

JUNIORS - either a suit or something between business casual and business professional.  Sport coats/jackets, dressy sweaters, etc. all work.

SENIORS/ALUMNI - a business suit or comparable professional outfit if possible.  If you do not have a suit, think "job interview appropriate".

FOR ALL STUDENTS, even though this event is virtual and you may only be visible from the chest or waist up, better to be prepared just in case you impulsively stand up or your camera drops out of alignment.


The following are based on recommendations by Janet Hein, Director of Admissions at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law:


  • Consider which schools will be attending and then research those you sign-up to meet.
  • Have at least 3 questions prepared (pointed and that reflect you did your research on each school).


  • Do not be too familiar (treat the representatives with professional respect).
  • Be calm and pointed in asking questions.
  • Actively listen to the representative (do not just wait for your turn to talk).
  • Be respectful of the representative’s time (they would like to talk to as many students at they can).

AFTER THE FAIR, email a thank you to each representative that you talk to (within 24 hours).  Protocol for emails:

  • Use Mr./Ms. or the representative's title (Dean, e.g.).
  • Do not use foul language (not even casually).
  • Be patient for a response.
  • Treat your email as if it were a writing sample.
  • Be precise and concise in your message.
  • Do not bombard them with too many emails.

During the Ohio Virtual Law Expo there will be a simultaneous Zoom Meeting (4-7pm) that will function as the "Ask a Pre-Law Advisor" table traditionally found at an in-person law fair.  The Zoom link details for this meeting will be emailed to all registered fair participants the day of the event so be sure to watch your email!

Because this is a joint event, the Zoom Meeting link will feature a Miami University web address.  A pre-law advisor from Ohio State will be in attendance the entire time for any school-specific questions.


Ohio State students* who register and attend the 2020 Ohio (Virtual) Law Expo will be entered into a raffle to win a certificate for a free LSAT test preparation course!

To be eligible, participating students need to do the following:

  • Register for and check-in to the 2020 Law Expo
  • Have a public student profile with the "Work Experience" section and at least one other section filled out
  • Schedule and attend at least 5 different sessions during the Law Expo (can be any mix of group sessions and 1:1 appointments)

Eligible students will be identified following the Expo and a winner announced by the following week.

*Must be a currently enrolled Ohio State student; alumni and students at other schools are not eligible for this raffle.