Pre-Law Program


Welcome to the Pre-Law Program at Ohio State!

The pages on this site are intended to supplement, not supplant, the information you will receive from talking with one of our Pre-Law Advisors or by attending a Pre-Law Forum or guest presentation.  They should not be taken as comprehensive and not everything on these pages may apply to you.  Every student's path to law school is different; there is no "best" major, no required coursework, no expectation that students will attend law school within a specific time frame.  Your 1L (first year law) class will likely be a mix of students who went straight through college into law school, students who took a year or two off, and students who have worked in a different field for several years.  Some people attend law school part time while supporting a family, others may take extra courses in order to earn both their Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and another graduate degree simultaneously.  Why someone decides to attend law school is different for each person - why should their path to get to law school be the same?

Preparation for law school is a continuous process, moreover being a "Pre-Law" student does not mean taking certain courses.  Over the past decade the legal world has changed significantly which has led to law schools changing their approach to legal education.  While this has led to some changes in how students prepare for law school, the basics remain the same:

  • Planning an undergraduate course of study that will help you develop the skills necessary for the successful study of law
  • Learning about the benefits of a legal education and the wide range of career paths available to lawyers
  • Engaging in activities (extra-curricular, service, internships, employment) outside the classroom that will contribute to your personal and professional growth.

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