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The Ohio State University and The Princeton Review have partnered to offer free events and discounted test preparation on campus!


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The following resources are available to Ohio State students preparing for the MCAT, DAT, OAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT:

  • Exclusive Discounts.* As a Princeton Review student partner, students now have access to a 25% discount on In-Person and LiveOnline prep courses
  • Free Practice Tests. Students also have access to free full-length practice tests available online (MCAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT). Upon request, The Princeton Review can provide portions of the tests for more focused practice.
  • Free Webinars. Students can now receive special invitations to The Princeton Review’s webinar series, which include strategy sessions, admissions seminars, focused subject reviews, and more!

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Co-Curricular Experiences


Resources for Under-Represented Students


Important Information for Non-United States Citizens Interested in a United States Medical Education

Undergraduates who are interested in careers as physicians but who are not United States citizens or permanent residents have a few more considerations than those who are. Those non citizens not having permanent residence have a more difficult problem because only a limited number of medical schools can consider them and several of these demand assurances with respect to capability to pay medical school fees and tuition. These range up to a requirement that the entire cost (tuition plus living expenses) for four years of medical school be placed in escrow.

Some schools will accept students only if their loans are cosigned by a U.S. citizen. As a general rule, little if any, financial aid is available except possibly merit scholarships. Some schools will meet the immigration requirements by granting F-1 status without requiring escrow accounts. International students might have a better chance of acceptance at private medical schools rather than the state supported medical schools. Students should research institutions before submitting their applications to determine what policies, if any, the specific institution has for admitting international students and complying with the immigration guidelines.