Pre-Law Student Organizations


There are several options for those looking to get involved with pre-law student organizations on campus.  Some groups have an open membership year round, others require a competitive tryout or application as part of a selection process, however all welcome any interested student; you do not need to be a STEM major to be in the STEM Pre-Law Society, for example.

Mock Trial

"The purpose of the Undergraduate student Mock Trial is to replicate all aspects of the legal process. Student will learn how to prepare witnesses for trial and how to portray them at trial. Student attorneys will also learn to prepare witness examinations and statements for trial and the rule of evidence and procedure used in actual courtrooms. All of this preparation is tested at invitational and regional competitions. To test our performances, Mock Trial must travel to invitational tournaments in Ohio and neighboring states. These tournaments allow students to perform the materials they’ve prepared for months and be critiqued by attorney judges. Mock Trial provides students with valuable experience in preparing for trial and being in the courtroom. Secondary purposes of Mock Trial are to: Establish a group of students interested in attending Law school or law-related professions and to increase interactions between undergraduate students and the OSU Law School." - Mock Trial Purpose Statement

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) Pre-Law Fraternity International

"The purpose of [the Phi Alpha Delta] Fraternity shall be to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral integrity." - PAD Purpose Statement

*PAD is not a Greek Life fraternity - it is an extra-curricular interest group open to any/all Ohio State students regardless of gender.

STEM Pre-Law Society (SPLS)

"STEM Pre-Law Society is dedicated to providing STEM students interested in the legal field with the resources required for success and the opportunities not afforded to them in the standard undergraduate curriculum." - SPLS Purpose Statement

The NeuroLaw Group

"The NeuroLaw Group is an interdisciplinary club for undergraduates that explores the intersections of neuroscience in law, ethics, policy, and society, including but not limited to the legal implications of brain interventions (nano-biotechnologies, stem cells, drugs, surgeries), policy on criminal responsibility and mental capacity to stand trial, neuroscience in educational development, pertinent medical bioethics, and various emerging technologies, from self-driving cars to brain-computer interfacing devices. In addition to interesting discussions on the future of neuroscience and society, The NeuroLaw Group also invites speakers currently studying or working at this growing, exciting intersection." - The NeuroLaw Group Purpose Statement

Undergraduate Black Law Students Association (UBLSA)

"The purpose of the Undergraduate Black Law Student Association is to cultivate and foster the needs and interests of the diverse pre-law community at The Ohio State University through meetings and events focused on connections with legal professionals as well as preparation for the demands of the law school and the admission process." - UBLSA Purpose Statement

Undergraduate Law Review

"The Ohio State Undergraduate Law Review was created with the intent of giving undergraduate students the opportunity to have their work published in a journal edited by Ohio State students. We hope to give Ohio State undergraduate students an outlet through which they can discuss and consider important legal issues. In addition, it is our hope that we can publish articles that are accessible to a wide audience and that encourage critical thinking, so as to reach many and inspire change." - Undergraduate Law Review Purpose Statement


While the groups above are closely tied to the field of law, pre-law students can be found in many of the more than 1000 Ohio State student organizations across campus.  

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